Choosing the Best Facial Machine for Home Use

Best facial machine – Having a beautiful, bright, and smooth face skin seems to be the dream of almost all women. To get the perfect skin like that, not uncommon for girls to perform various treatments. Commercial use of the cream morning and night, until facial at a beauty salon.

Uh, but you know not? Facial not only be done at the salon, you know! You can do it yourself at home, without the need for complicated and without using a lot of tools. How to do? Here, I ‘d like to share it.

1. Stage One: Always Clean Your face preemptively

Whatever facial treatments would you do, clean the face is the first stage did not not forget. A clean face will facilitate the absorption of vitamins and other substances needed by your skin.

For facial, there’s no special cleaners that you should use. The cleaners of any type you can use, provided that in accordance with the conditions of your face, yes.

2. Clean Your Face Skin Cells Already Dead Scrubbing

After cleansing, the next step you need to do is scrubbing. Scrubbing works to exfoliate dead skin that your face so your skin can “breathe” and regenerated well.

You do not need to be confused to be scrubbing using what, because it’s been a lot of face scrub is sold in beauty shops and supermarkets a few uses other names peeling. If you want a more natural, you can make your own from a mixture of sugar, rose water, and oil revenues olives in a blender. As a result, your face is not only regenerated but also bright blush.

3. Furthermore, the face is steamed Need To Opening Pores

The next step is facial steaming or evaporation. Step one is intended to open the pores of the skin of your face, making it easier to find and remove blackheads hidden.

In the salon, there is a special tool for steaming the face. But at home, you just need a medium-sized bowl and hot water alone, really. Bring your face about 20 cm to the lip of a basin of hot water. Let your face is exposed to the vapor of the water for 5-8 minutes. After that, dry your face gently using a soft towel or facial tissue dry.

4. Stages Facial Most Fun: Looking for Blackheads

Well, here’s the stages of facial awaited. Yep! Look for and remove blackheads errant hiding behind the skin of your face.

Looking for blackheads that easy-easy-hard. For nasal Area, you can use the help pore packs sold in the market. But for other areas of your face, you need to use a special tool. Quiet, many are sold in beauty shops, anyway. When komedonya successfully removed, immediately wipe with a clean dry tissue, yes.

Recommended Home Use Facial Machines

5. Rinse Your Face With Water For Eliminating Time-Time Dirt Of Blackheads

Stages remove blackheads is indeed intriguing, but also make your face is dirty again. Therefore, before proceeding home facial-mu, you need to clean your face again. This time, you do not need to use soap. Quite rinsed with water and let the water soak into the skin for hydration.

6. Maske Your Face To Nourish and Rejuvenate Skin

Doing facial less afdal feels when not equipped with a face mask sessions. After sickly remove blackheads, face masks and refreshed with content in it.

The face mask has benefits for the skin of your face still tight, bright, and ternutrisi. Apply the mask evenly to all parts of the face except the eyes and lips and neck. To the eye, you can close it with a fresh cucumber. Allow the mask’s face for 15-20 minutes. After that, rinse with warm water.

Face masks are now widely available in the form of ready-made pasta. But, it does not hurt if you make your own with materials that are more fresh and natural, right?

7. Close Your Face Pore By Applying 1 Small Beams Ice Cube

Once clear of the mask, means it is time refreshing your face. The way up is easy and does not need any beauty products. Yep! You just need one small block of ice cubes only.

Apply ice to the entire face until exhausted. After that, let the water soak into your skin by themselves without the need to wipe with paper towels. This cold water not only gives freshness, but make your skin hydrated and close the pores of your skin.

8. Finally, Do not Forget To be rubbing Serum and Moisturizing skin is Not Dry

Do not forget serum and moisturizer via photo


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