Best Makeup Brush Cleaner Machine 2016

Makeup brush, especially the bristles are made from natural hair, very easy to dust and dirt that accumulate quickly. By doing so, shaving brushes of natural hair can be a fertile ground for the breeding of bacteria.

Best Makeup Brush Cleanser Machine 2016

cleaning makeup brushes

If retained, brush the already mixed the bacteria that can cause acne or bruntusan. Therefore, brushes and makeup brush should also be regularly cleaned. Here are some tips on how to appropriately care for brushes and brush make-up is:

Be sure to wash clean the brush and brush make up at least a week to 10 days. For this washing, use special cleaning products for makeup brushes and brush, or if not, you can menggunakaan shampoo or a mild liquid soap type (soft).
Mix a gentle shampoo or other soft-type cleanser into the warm water in a container and stir until foamy. Wash brushes or makeup brush with bristles wringing within the foam to remove impurities attached there. Then, rinse with running water until clean.
Drain brush or a brush with bristles that are still wet squeezed slowly and winds sikatatau brushes in an upright position to dry. Make sure that the kneading is done carefully so as not to damage or disrupt the order of march bristle brush or brush.

If your skin is oily and prone to rashes, preferably in addition to rinse the brush or a makeup brush, you clean it using a special cleaning product. Soak brush or a makeup brush in this special cleaning every three weeks. This special cleaners you can buy in stores professional beauty.

One important note that you must remember is to never let others use a brush / makeup brushes you because it definitely air-makeup unhygienic.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Most of us must have the daily use makeup brushes. Whether it’s wearing foundation, concealer, powder, blush, or eyeshadow. So, how often do you clean makeup brushes it? How do you clean it?

What is needed?

  1. Baby shampoo or products / brush cleaning fluid.
  2. dry towel
  3. Water

How to clean makeup brushes
1. Moisten with water

Soak the brush with water. Apply only to brush strands, yes. Do not get into the handle. Use cold water, because if you use hot water, its temperature can damage the glue that serves pasting the bristles on a brush.
2. Use baby shampoo

Take baby shampoo to taste, put in the palm of the hand and move the brush to rotate until the resulting foam.
3. Rinse with water

After the remnants of makeup looks whole, rinse with water until no foaming. You can also use a conditioner to aid in softening the hair brush. After that, rinse again with water.
4. Squeeze and Dry Brush

After the brush cleared, it’s time drying the brush bristles. Juicing using thick tissue or towel until no residual water dripping, and then use a brush put in a sleeping position on top of another dry towel. Allow to dry. Usually for makeup brushes are thick strands like a brush foundation and powder takes half a day until it is completely dry can only be reused.

How often do we have to Use Makeup Brush Cleaner Tool

Makeup brushes used for eyeshadow can usually be cleaned once a week. To clean eyeshadow color that sticks quickly, we can clean it by using micellar water or cleansing water over the cotton. You can also use wipes if it lacks the two products. If so, tinggak dry with paper towels, then brush the eyeshadow can be used again.

For makeup brushes are used with liquid products such as foundation or BB cream, it is advisable to clean it more often because of the condition of the damp brush strands more prone to become a hotbed of bacteria that can result in not good for the skin.

Well, already know how to clean makeup brushes? Come on, keep your makeup tools so that skin just awake, beautiful and healthy!

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